Our first and second print issues, did you read them?

Starting January 2013, Khaleejesque will retail at various outlets across the Gulf (which we will announce in the next couple of weeks). In the meantime, to make our magazine more accessible to our loyal readers, we've started introducing subscription packages for you dear readers, in which you can start receiving our magazine at home; no hassle to go out, hunt it down or buy it, instead you get it straight to your doorstep.

We will deliver the magazine every quarter; January, April, July and October of 2013, and ensure that our subscribed readers are the first to recieve the magazines before they even hit the stores.

As a start, we've opened up local subscriptions in Kuwait, with cash payment at the first delivery of the January issue and will then open up subscriptions for the rest of the Gulf in the upcoming weeks.

If you're in Kuwait and would like to subscribe to Khaleejesque, please click here and fill out the form.

If you're an international reader, and would like to purchase our magazines, you can always order them off Magcloud which delivers internationally, click here for more details.

Thank you for supporting Khaleejesque, we are nothing without our readers!

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