Two fantastic Saudi jewelry brands, Loomer Jewelry and Arwa Jewelry, will be showcasing their stunning designs in the upcoming PLT charity event. Classy with a touch of Arab heritage, these two brands are a definite must-see.

Loomer Jewelry was established by Lulwa Abaalkhail and Maha Almhawis while the idea of the brand was created back in the year of 2005. The aim was to innovatively update and remodel jewelry inspired by Arabian heritages to give a distinctive classy touch to their jewelry. Whilst reviving the beauty of the Arabic culture expressed within their pieces, their inspirations also come from geometrical shapes as well as the region’s legacy pieces by using different colors textures and stones incorporated within their pieces.

Arwa Jewelry aims to satisfy every woman’s taste by providing products with a unique yet eloquent touch while maintaining their theme of elegance. This will be the first time “Arwa Jewelry” participates in any event in Kuwait providing the pubic with three different collections, which are: ornamentations collection, nabat collection, and last but not least the delight collection. Find out more about these marvelous collections by passing by the PLT charity event!

Loomer Jewelry and Arwa Jewelry will be participating at the PLT charity event at Salhiya Mall from December 4-6 from 3-10pm. Click here to know more about the PLT event. 

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