Michael Jordan has re-invented the basketball shoe ever since the start of 'Air Jordan' in 1985. Its introduction in the shoe market has revolutionized the sport shoe and popularity has grown immeasurably and this helped Nike in having the title of most-selling basketball shoe ever. The retired legend has introduced a new shoe celebrating the 23rd birthday of Air Jordan. (Michael Jordan's jersey number during his playing time was 23 so what perfect timing!)

The Air Jordan IV 2012 Retro have true Chicago Bulls colors, where Michael Jordan was a six-time NBA champion where he was recognized as one of the greatest players in NBA history. Going with the red, grey and white soul with a black outer covering with white and red accents really represents the original Air Jordan designs.

These shoes are surely to be on your list of footwear to buy for even people who aren't fans of the iconic athlete.

Images: www.slamonline.com

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