Fashion designers are popping up from every corner of the region nowadays and the second edition of the glamorous Riyadh Fashion Days displayed a select number of talents from November 4-8, 2012. RFD continues to present talents from the region and gives them the opportunity to meet professional buyers, sales agents and distributors.

This year, twenty five fashion designers were showcased over five days. The designers had the chance to present their collections, some artistic installations and sell their catwalk collections directly after the show.

With designers participating from Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, the RFD was a great opportunity for designers to gain the public recognition they need. The designs were seen by a large audience from the fashion industry, which is always a good promotion of the designer's brand. Some of the designers who participated included Beautiful People, Dubai, Maison Bo-M, Saudi Arabia and Qumar 14, Kuwait.

For more information on Riyadh Fashion Days visit their website

– Text and photography: Reema Albrahim

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