SAINT HONORE, world-renowned creator of trend-setting luxury watches, accessories and fine jewellery that combines the Swiss passion for precision with a dash of French flair, have recently launched their new collection of exquisite accessories across their outlets in the Middle East.

The brand’s meticulously crafted line of cufflinks, writing instruments and leather goods are set to enchant Middle East lovers of finely-crafted luxury items. As immaculate as ever, the Worldcode, Coloseo and Haussman ranges of pens come in new colours and finishes such as brushed aluminium, carbon, or the “chainmail” and “tears” patterns. Accompanied by newly-designed wallets in premium leather, these unique sets that combine matching pen, cufflinks and wallet in a prestigious box is designed to appeal to the discerning customer while at the same time signify the uniqueness of the SAINT HONORE brand.

Bold and contemporary, the shapes and finishes of the cufflinks range echo the designs of the watches and writing instruments in the collection. From rather humble beginnings in 1885, SAINT HONORE has been making waves as a trend-setting watchmaker synonymous with the world-famous “Paris style”. Creating collections of unrivalled design, the brand’s exceptional watchmaking expertise exerts an irresistible attraction on those who love contemporary timepieces.

For more information, visit their website.

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