Looking for a different dining experience in Kuwait? You'll be excited to know that Napket launched its Jazz Night yesterday at their Avenues branch and while it was just a soft launch by invitation, it will soon become a regular Wednesday night event.

The snob setting made of black velvet chairs, black wooden tables, chandeliers and dim lights coordinates perfectly with the Jazz City Band performance. The live music lasted about two hours and a half and created a fantastic mood for a new dining experience.

In terms of food, we were served flavored sparkling water; we went for the blue curacao since blue drinks are always curious. The dishes on the other hand included small salad bowls; a chicken Caesar salad, a beetroot salad, mini wraps and delectable cheese platters. We settled for the cheese plater with grapes, green apple, nuts and dried fruits; it seemed like the the proper decision at such an event.

They also started a hashtag for the occasion, #NapketJazz, if you'd like to follow up on the event on any social network. So if you're looking for a an entertaining evening out with good food and you like jamming to jazz, Wednesdays at Napket is where you need to be!

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