Make-up artist Hanae Al Hadji is introducing Arabic makeup techniques in the Netherlands. A winner of the Dutch makeup award in 2010 for her Arabic inspired make-up (Khaleeji and Lebanese make-up), Hanae mergest two different ethnic make-up styles in her work; the modest western style and the pretentious Arabic makeup, thus creating a unique style that characterizes her work and which has highlighted her as a make-up artist in the Netherlands.

In her own way Hanae is demonstrating the beautiful sides of Arabic fashion and make-up and how it can positively inspire, influence and complement the Western make-up world.

According to Hanae, "in the Western world many people have a different, somewhat negative, perception about Arabic women because of what the Western media imposes on them and lately the political climate, throughout the Western world, seems to have taken a turn for the worse when it comes to the muslim or the Arabic world. Emphasizing the negative is unfortunately the prevailing mentality of the media at the moment. With (my work) I emphasize the positive, trying to bring the best of both worlds closer to each other. East meets West and vice versa."

At the moment Hanae Al Hadji is also preparing a new training concept regarding Arabic makeup styles and techniques. This will be a unique training concept in the Dutch market.

Who knew Arabic Make-up would go global? 

For more information on Hanae Al Hadji, check out her website.

Editorial Team of the Photoshoot: Jessica Evans (a Dutch model photographer), Hanae Al Hadji (Make-up artist and hair stylist) and model Daniëlle Hack.

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