Victory is sweet for Jessica Ennis, the British athlete who won the gold medal in the heptathlon at the London 2012 Olympics on Saturday. Ennis was unfortunate not to have been able to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics due to her injuries at the time.

The British athlete, who is described as the "Face of the Olympics in Britain," beat out Germany's Lilli Schwarzkopf (who came in second) and Russia's world champion Tatyana Chernova (who came in third). Ennis also set the record for fastest time ever in a helptathlon 100-meter hurdles race.

The heptathlon is a sports competition in which athletes take part in seven different track and field events, including running, high jump, long jump, shot-put, and javelin throw, and the winner is the one with the highest collective score.

Ennis scored 6955 points, while Schwarzkopf earned 6649 points and Chernova 6368 points.

Image courtesy of OMEGA

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