Faisal Hamadah has to be Kuwait's ultimate sports photographer. We were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon his Flickr page which showcases his variety of sports photography. It was refreshing to see that they weren't your conventional sports shots but  photographs that capture the thrill of the games with an artistic flair.

Coming from humble beginnings, Hamadah got his first camera back in 1999. Much like any other amateur, Hamadah started by taking pictures of anything that caught his and did not lean towards any specific genre of photography. It wasn’t until 2007; a year after Hamadah went pro that he found himself as a sports photographer. It’s not exactly shocking that Hamadah started with soccer considering its popularity in Kuwait but perhaps his most impressive accomplishment to date is becoming the first Kuwaiti photographer to cover the international Formula 1 racing in Bahrain. A man of many firsts, he was also the first sports photographer to cover the international gymnastic Olympics back in 2009. Hamadah is definitely someone to watch out for in the photography industry as he makes a name for himself throughout the world from Dubai to Amman to Italy.

To check our more of his impressive work, visit his Flickr page here


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