At two years old, children are usually drinking milk in their crib or sleeping to a lullaby on their mother's lap and at five they are getting ready to join school.

That's not Sho Yano. This young prodigy was reading at two years old, writing at three and even composing music when he turned five. All of this paved way for his exceptional academic accomplishment. By 12, he graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with summa cum laude honors.

Soon after, he enrolled in the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine where astonishingly he earned both a Ph.D. and a medical degree by the age of 21!

"I came to college to study, not to hang out or date," Yano said when entering the Loyola University at 12. "I ran into things like people shouting 'go back to elementary school' on campus". Yano inspired his younger sister who is currently 15 and has recently enrolled at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

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