TFK, The Fragrance Kitchen, is the latest chapter in the ongoing retail legend that began in 2005 by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah.  The Kuwaiti based fragrance house was borne of childhood memories and sensory memories that became associated with his beloved grandmother.  Fragrance can be a translation of  memories  and Sheikh Majed has skillfully  combined  both  via the use  of Oud, Taif Rose, and burning Agarwood which were used frequently by his cherished grandmother.

TFK, situated in the new and sleek Al Hamra Tower Mall in Kuwait, is the culmination of a dream to create the “perfect” or dream perfume for each individual.  Sheikh Majed, a member of the international fashion community for over 2 decades now, has long been associated with the ultimate in luxury . Today, he offers you the chance to become memorable in your own individualized way.  Long after you leave the room, your scent lingers.  Will you join those who will become memorable?

Sheikh Majed AlSabah

TFK is made of up categories which directly relate to your particular lifestyle.  For instance, our Signature Collection suits your everyday life with modern, fresh and innovative ingredients while our Exclusive  collection takes you from your daytime routines  into evening with its more seductive, potent and adventurous scents.  Lastly, the Handmade Collection is the beneficiary of Sheikh Majed’s proprietary and rare components and ingredients which are combined for only you.

Here are a couple of examples of scents available, we love the catchy names:


We love how the website and brand is so interactive, there's so much to see and learn about on their website, from poems by Hamad Al-Sarraf, who we featured previously on Khaleejesque, to Sheikh Majed coordinated musical playlists, with lots of creative and interesting tidbits in between.

Check out the video below:

For further information, check out their beautifully done and interesting website at

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