We are looking for the best candidate to design our third issue cover and if you think you're up to the challenge, it's time to put your thinking cap on!

The cover is more than just the wrapping that holds the pages together. The cover is a key way to capture the attention of potential readers and give people the essence of what the issue is all about. Since the Khaleejesque magazine is a quarterly publication, which we'd like to highlight as a collectible, it's natural that the cover is an integral part of the design process.

The third issue will be 'The Entertainment Issue' (you read it here first!) and it will focus on anything and everything entertaining in and around the Gulf. Whether it's music or movies, or simply playing your favorite card game, whatever you find entertaining is what we're showcasing to the readers. We've got interviews with media personalities, musicians and designers and will attempt to highlight conventional, and not so conventional, forms of entertainment that people enjoy in the Arab Gulf.

Here are a few points to think about while designing/creating the cover:

  1. The cover should be clean, clear and straight to the point
  2. No nudity/religious/political/violent references
  3. If you're using type, please have it both easy on the eyes and easy to read
  4. Nothing that emphasizes being too fancy or elegant, we want it to be exciting and welcoming
  5. NO PLAGIARISM! We believe in your capabilities and trust that you can produce an amazing cover of your own

Don't forget that we are first and foremost an Arab brand, and we'd like our cover to represent that. If your design gets selected it'll be on the cover of 15,000 magazine copies which will be distributed in the Arab Gulf region and internationally. Exciting isn't it?

The cover can either be an illustration, photograph, installation, a graphic/typographic element, or a combination of all! The main objective is to have it revolve around the concept/brief given above and don't forget to use the Khaleejesque logo below.

Color format: CMYK. Please feel free to experiment with colors!

Size of document: 20.6cm x 28.6cm , 250-300dpi, WITH 3mm bleeds from all sides.

Please send your entries to info@khaleejesque.com by June 4, 2012. May the best candidate win, good luck!

UPDATE: The deadline has been extended until June 10, 2012. 

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