Pieces By Farah, is one of the brands that is going to be on show at the Pretty Little Things 2 event in Kuwait at Bayt Sadu from April 28th to May 1st, which we featured in a previous article here.

Pieces by Farah is a step talented Farah Al Humaidhi decided to take in pursuit of creating engaging, functional and unique hand crafted home accessories and furniture pieces. Mixing philosophies and techniques, which derive from modern and classical approaches, is what spurs the final pieces to come out as innovative and unpredictable as they are.

Here are a couple of our Pieces by Farah picks, more will be available and showcased at Pretty Little Things:



For more information, check out their website www.piecesbyfarah.com, email info@piecesbyfarah.com, or call (+965)65001819.

To know more about the Pretty Little Things social and charitable event, click here.

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