Ricardo Garza Marcos is one of the most talented architect and furniture designers we've come across recently. Creating modern designs influenced by everything from nature to the human body, Marcos' designs are artworks in and of themselves.


The Rib Armchair, or Rib Chaise, is one of the  the talented Mexican designer's design projects. This exquisitely designed chair consists of six solid wooden ribs, lined with veneer. Every piece that Marcos produces seems to have its own exceptional design; it's interesting because you can’t put a label on his concepts.


Another exceptional design is a sideboard called Gradient. What is special about this piece is that it contains doors and drawers which when closed vanish into a clean surface; this sideboard is unlike any you’ve seen before.

Check out more of Ricardo Garza Marcos' designs here: www.rgarzamarcos.com

Images courtesy of Ricardo Garza Marcos

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