Get your scissors, glue and paper ready girls, because today's assignment is making your own Hermes Clutch. We found this fun fashionable do-it-yourself activity on the Hermes website, and we must say it's great; partly because we miss coloring and crafts, but mostly because the end product – our very own Hermes Clutch – doesn't cost a cent.

It's easy like 1,2,3. First you need to visit the Hermes website, click on the white Hermes Clutch and scissors icon, then download the PDF and get started with this fashion friendly activity.

Hermes offers you a couple of readymade  patterns you may choose from, or you can print the plain white one. With the white one, you can color in your own pattern, and set your creativity free.

Now everyone can have their very own customized Hermes Clutch that's practically free and doesn't require you to wait ages on a never ending waiting list!

For more information on how to make your own customized Hermes Jige Clasp, click here

– Guest Blogger: Haya.AS

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