Check out these beauty tips, compiled by our Guest-Blogger Nora Al-Ammar:

  1. Preserving nail polish. Ever wondered why your nail polish gets worn out in two months or less? Well, that's chemistry! Heat causes the mixture of nail polish to separate, as one is thicker than the other, leading to an immiscible mixture of two liquids; one denser than the other allowing one to float on top. Simply, store your nail polish in the fridge, this will allow it to last longer.
  2. Dyeing Hair. When coloring hair, it is best to use the dye on oily hair because this will not damage the hair as much since the hair's natural essential oils moisturize and lock up the moisture, thus protecting the hair follicle from full harm.
  3. Manicure. To get a free at home manicure, just mix one cup of warm water and half a cup of lemon juice, and soak your fingertips in the liquid for five minutes. Rinse and pat fingertips on a soft towel, push back your cuticles, and then rub lemon peel back and forth against your nails. Finish by buffing with a soft cloth.
  4. Locking in perfume. Oily skin retains scents longer than dry skin, therefore if you’re looking forward to smelling good for hours, rub some Vaseline on your neck before you spray on some perfume.
  5. Baking Soda – a magic ingredient.
  • As a cleansing shampoo, mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 cup water and use as a final rinse after shampoo.
  • As a teeth whitener, use as toothpaste, sprinkle on your toothbrush and brush in regularly.
  • As an exfoliator,  mix it in with your facial cleanser.
  • As an odor repellent, for stink-free shoes, sprinkle some baking soda in the shoes.

Guest-Blogger: Nora Al-Ammar

Image Credits: Andrzej Gdula

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