We just got news that the new face of Chanel is Alice Dellal. The tomboy model is Karl Lagerfeld’s latest crush. Karl had noticed Alice during a photo shoot several months ago, and decided that her boyish style and appearance is perfect for the ‘Boy Chanel’ handbag campaign. The campaign is shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Alice Dellal is also a musician and is known for trendsetting the half-shaved head hairstyle.

The ‘Boy Chanel’ handbag line exhibits the feminine and masculine mixture that Coco made famous. It is inspired from Boy Capel, Coco’s muse, financer of her atelier and love of her life.

Chanel released this interview with Alice Dellal who talked about the ‘Boy Chanel’ campaign and her experience with Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

The campaign will be released in March, 2012.

– Dalal Al-Subaie

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