There's a new transportation mode making it's way to the gadget market. spnKiX, the innovative motorized shoes, may very well be the preferred method of movement for many city dwellers in the near future. Battery powered and hand controlled by a wireless remote, these electro-skates will have you gliding at a maximum speed of 10 mph.

Creator and designer, Peter Treadway, was always interested in personal mobility and explains that "after spending years researching, designing and developing a variety of different prototypes, the miniaturization of certain technologies found in smart phones, laptops and radio controlled cars has finally made it possible for us to integrate them all into a pair of "shoes"….. so that you can go for a spin."

spnKiX will start shipping out to clients early March 2012 and will retail at $649. We can just imagine everyone zooming through the streets with these motorized shoes very soon!

For more info visit their Kickstarter page here

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