Sea Shadow, an Emirati feature film, was announced officially in Cannes Film Festival 2010 after its successful premiere in Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2011, it opens in theatres across the Gulf starting from November 17. Sea Shadow, the second feature film by Nawaf Al Janahi, tells the story of two teenagers who struggle to deal with the pressures of their tradition as they enter their adulthood while following their journey from Ras Al Khaima to Abu Dhabi. Mansoor and Kaltham struggle with love and individuality especially since they live in a neighborhood where ritual is an important aspect amongst the people. In an interview, Al Janahi mentions that he wants to reveal the other side besides the glamorous life portrayed in the media of the United Arab Emirates.

Sea Shadow launched in theaters across the UAE and Bahrain on November 17 and it will be showing in cinemas in Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar within this week.

Make sure to visit the official site for more information about the movie and where it'll be screening, 

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