'Waterlilies', the second collection by Mia Jafari, invites you to take refuge in a peaceful meditation at the centre of an enchanted, flowering aquarium. The women who take the stage wearing Jafari's collection make their entrance as Monetesque paintings in full bloom, misty eyed, draped in swirling colours in the same hues, evoking the essence of playful romance. The silhouette is deceptively simple, ballooned, pleated blouses worn under high-waited skirts, draped dresses with pockets, folds and knots adding a new dimension to the silhouette.


The label is presently stocked at 'S*uce' Dubai, 'Crème' Bahrain, and online at Dia Boutique (www.dia-boutique.com) among other retailers.  For more information, check out www.miajafari.co.uk

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