O’de Rose is Dubai’s answer to a modern day Aladdin’s Cave, a boutique retailing everything from homeware and accessories to clothing. Housed in a stark white villa with bright cloth draped artistically over the driveway, ethnic cushions on a bench, a majestic marble fountain all hint at the treasures that lie inside.

As you push open the door you are greeted by a glass of their signature drink, an intoxicatingly sweet rose cordial-a quintessentially local flavor. At first glance around the room it is hard to focus, there is so much to soak in, admire and consider buying.

Each of the rooms is filled with fun fusion items-contemporary art, mirrors and frames on the walls, funky side tables full of coffee table books, trays and placemats, couches and chairs. There is jewellery, beaded handbags, funky t-shirts and long flowey kaftans, made by both well-known and upcoming designers from the region.

O’de Rose has a mesmerizing magical aura; it is an ode to modern day Arabia. This is exactly what most of us come to this city for-an eclectic mix of east meets west.

O’de Rose
999 Al Wasl Road

Image Credits: Saira Malik

– Guest Blogger Saira Malik @saira79

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