We stumbled upon his facebook page by coincidence, and we were wowed at what we had found, a Bahraini Guy that bakes!

Meet Mahmood Janahi, a self professed banker by day and a baker by night. Janahi started his baking home business two years ago called "Mahmoud Janahi's Cakes&Bakes".

1. First of all, tell us about your background ? 
I was born and raised in Bahrain. I travelled to Australia to pursue a degree in Human Resources. It took me four years to complete both my Bachelors and my Masters degree, both in the same field. My main hobby would have to be cooking. I enjoy cooking all types of food.

2. Do you remember your first cooking experience ?
Yes, of course. My first experience in the kitchen was with my grandmother. I use to help her prepare cakes. I remember adding in the ingredients for her, one at a time, and mixing them all up together. The best part was being able to smell the cake baking in the oven.

3. How did you make the transition from baking for yourself and friends to starting your own baking business?
I actually started 3 years ago from home. I started baking for friends and through word of mouth, I started getting calls from friends of friends requesting cakes. So I took this opportunity and developed an eight page menu and started selling.

4. What are your best sellers ?
 My clients all time favorites would have to be the Chocolate Truffle cake, Red Velvet cake and the recently introduced Brownies.

5. And when can we expect you to open a bakery?
Inshallah in the near future… I am currently working on finalizing plans for the expansion of the business and will announce it shortly.



For more information on Mahmoud Janah, check out his facebook page 

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