Donating blood isn't only about saving lives and giving back to society, in addition to that philanthropic gesture donating blood has many physical benefits such as:

1. Reducing the iron in your body.
This decrease of iron lowers your risk of having heart disease. Why? Simple because “blood iron levels have the potential to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease because iron accelerates the oxidation process of cholesterol in the body, which damages arteries”

 2. Replenishes existing blood in your system
By making your body work on replacing the blood you donated, you help your body to function better.

3.Reduce Cancer Risk
The more  times you donate the lower your risk of get cancer. As Miller-Keystone Blood Center stated “consistent blood donation is associated with lowered risks for cancers including liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancers.” They haven't proven it yet but found a correlation.

4. Reduce Heart Attack Risk
Improve your cardiovascular health overall by donating blood. Florida Blood Services reports that regular blood donors who donate regularly over years have an 88 percent lower risk of heart attacks and a 33 percent lower risk of any severe cardiovascular event, such as a stroke.”

What are you waiting for? Go save a life and reap the healthy returns!

For more information on where to go to donate blood in the Gulf, check out "Think Up's" list of blood donation centers here

Sources: Livestrong

Guest-blogger: Haya A.S


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