Not Yet Vintage

Not Yet Vintage, a mother daughter venture, is an online shop and community for vintage lovers. It was created from the duos love of fashion and all that is vintage.

What NYV does exactly is that they are supplied with items from various owners ranging from beautiful dresses to music records to books. If you have a classic item (old or new) in hand and would like to sell it, all you have to do is supply them with the item and let NYV work their magic for no more than 3 days. They’ll photograph, market, and ship them to potential buyers. You even get to determine the price of your product. The process is incredibly easy. What makes this deal even better is that if the item hasn’t sold yet, you’ll get it back. What more can you ask for?

Other than the shopping bit, the website also has a blog section full of vintage inspired topics for all you vintage lovers out there.

So if you have a possible vintage product hanging at the back of your closet, you can send it to NYV and make money out of it instead of storing it or throwing it away. If you don’t have products to give away, why not shop? In there you’ll find flowing dresses, beautiful tops and coats, lovely jewelry pieces, and much more.

In the words of NYV, “Beauty never fades, it only goes vintage.”

Guest blogger: Hadaya Al-Othman

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