Kiehl’s, an age-old skin-care brand was introduced into the Gulf market a few years ago and quickly gained a lot of popularity. It is best known for its simple packaging and ‘apothecary’ philosophy. They have also established themselves as a brand that donates heavily to philanthropic causes.

Their latest collaboration includes four of the Middle East’s creative artists to design labels for Crème de Crop, the brands most popular body lotion. The funds from this limited edition will be donated directly to ‘Make-A-Wish’ Foundation.

Zaha Hadid, Ayesha Depala, Nadine Kanso and Amira Behbehani are all well renowned names in architecture, fashion, art and jewellery design. These strong and highly talented ladies have created designs that represent them through their heritage and culture.

Zaha Hadid Kiehls Collaboration Bottle
Zaha Hadid
Ayesha Depala Kiehls Collaboration Bottle
Ayesha Depala
Amira Behbehani Kiehls Collaboration Bottle
Amira Behbehani
Nadine Kanso Kiehls Collaboration Bottle
Nadine Kanso

The moisturizer is extremely hydrating and nourishing for all types of skin.  Its rich silky texture leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. With supplies available for a limited time only, rush over to any of the Kiehl’s outlets near you and try it!

We personally are big fans!

– Guest Blogger Saira Malik @saira79

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