Same old story. You check all your daily websites- Facebook, emails, Twitter, and favorite blogs- and then you go into a slump. Nothing else you need to check out, and so much time on your hand. Well, we’ve got a solution for you. In comes our “Khaleejesque Hot-Clicks” section, in which we scour the Internet for the latest must check out sites and initiatives then introduce them to you. From shopping sites to news sites with everything in between- local, regional and international; all catered and aimed at you, our Khaleejesque Readers. Tune in for our periodic hot-clicks listings, and email us at  with Hot-Clicks in the subject line if you have links you’d like to propose.

*  – The UAE’s idea of eBay, and a quite popular one as well. You can buy and sell quite anything on this local souq-like website. Established in 2005, is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world, and coves markets in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan. They are soon expanding to new markets, and frankly we can’t wait till they expand over here to us. If you belong to any of those nations that Souq caters to then what are you waiting for? Start selling all those bits and bobs that you have lying around, and make some extra cash. And then again, you can also go an endless spree of the most random things on offer there. “Gentlemen start your auctions?”

* The Oatmeal  – This guy is genius. Matthew Inman should be every bored person scouring the Internet for something insightful as well as hilariously good fun. He runs his own one man website which includes eccentric comics, quizzes/games and a myriad miscellaneous mix of absolute brilliance.

* 7achy – Lets face it, the Kuwaiti dialect is frankly the most famous regional dialect in the Gulf. Why? Since almost all regional Soap Operas and TV Shows seem to be acted out in this dialect, even that dubbed Indian Movie that everyone can’t stop gushing about that was ironically dubbed in Kuwaiti on MBC the other day. Yes hilarious. But if you’re not that familiar with this dialect, or would love to crack that code of words that the past generations utter in and of which you haven’t the faintest clue of what they are saying, this is the website for you. It’s a blog-like website that features daily updates of words we say but sometimes don’t really know what they actually mean; and best of all, it’s also translated in English for all you “Chicken Nuggets” out there. Hilarious good fun, as well as informative; hats off to the guys behind this amusing aspect of “heritage preservation.”

* Nuwany  – Established by a Kuwaiti woman lucky enough to be living in NYC at the moment with a penchant for fashion and an objective to bring in all the selective and Manhattan hot purchases across the pond to K-town. Carrying limited amounts of a wide range of products, Nuwany is “where unique meets trendy.” All we can say is easy on the purchases ladies.

*  – The ultimate destination to "nourish your inner aspect," Goop is actress Gwenyth Paltrow's endlessly evolving weekly newsletter program. With six different categories (make, go, get, do, be and see) Paltrow and her friends share fashion finds, recipes, personal travel tips, health remedies, relationship advice and more. Constantly stocked with a refreshing variety of information, Goop's newsletter can be sent right to your inbox every week. However if patience isn't your forte, you can always get on the site and browse through the archive of current and old newsletters.

– Khaleejesque

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Same old story. You check all your daily websites- Facebook, emails, Twitter, and favorite blogs- and then you…