We got an email from a very remarkable lady that's working on a very charitable project this Ramadan. Dubbed "30 Iftars in 30 Days", this project aims to serve 30 Iftars to the less fortunate people around Abu Dhabi in areas near the Mosque/Masjid or Iftar Tents.

Angeli-the Founder of the Project

What's more remarkable about this project is that it's being done by Angeli, a benevolent Christian lady who has lived in Abu Dhabi- a Muslim nation- for the past 25 years. According to Angeli, "Ramadan has been a big part of my life. This is my first Ramadan project, and Inshallah not my last."

She's already started and is looking for volunteers that would like to help out in this great project


How can one support this project?  According to Angeli, you can:

  1. Donate food – 1 Muslim family per day has enough food leftover to fill a minimum of 5 mouths, I am sure 1 family can spare 1 plate of rice or 1 bottle of water.
  2. Transportation – By this I don’t mean pay for my taxi, as I don’t drive, if you have the time or patience to help me go about town either collecting food (if i haven’t done it already) or simply helping me to drop off the food, that would greatly appreciated.
  3. Volunteer – Whether you are an artist, a jobless person, bored; it doesn’t matter what or who you are, where you come from or how deep your pockets go. If you want to come with me to simply witness this project, help me carry the bags of food while walking, get to know your community, paint a picture while we distribute the food, distribute food (I’m sure sometimes we need more than 2 helping hands) or even to come along and take pictures or write about this YOU ARE ALL more than welcome.

Interested people in Abu Dhabi, should contact Angeli at askabout3030@gmail.com

Finally, here's the link to her website;  http://30iftars30days.tumblr.com/ in which she publishes daily journals of the project and takes pictures of the work done; you can also find out what you can do to help there.
Khaleejesque would like to wish Angeli the best of luck in this venture. We're very proud of projects such as these, for after all "Ramadan is the month of giving."
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