Ever wanted to act in a Hollywood film? Intel and Toshiba's new Inside experience aims to do just that. Bringing a whole new interactive dimension to Hollywood films, it's being called the first social film of its kind. What's exciting is that you, yes you, can take part in this live entertainment experience! You can play a part through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So, stay connected.

Inside stars Emmy Rossum and is a film about Christina, a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl whose been trapped in a room. All she has is a laptop and she needs viewers help to get out. Disturbia Director D.J Caruso is on the look out for the perfect actor and anyone can take part in the casting call. All you have to do is to get into character, remember your lines, record yourself on YouTube and submit it to the Inside experience.

Inside will debut July 25. Find out more about The Inside Experience and how you can take part here: theinsideexperience.com

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