What’s your favorite piece so far in the magazine?
I’d have a hard time picking a favorite because each piece develops along its own path and I’m always interested to see where the finished work will end up. However, if I had to highlight a particular article or feature I would say that I’m very proud of our feature “Bloggers In the Spotlight” because blogging is how I got my start and I’d like to help other bloggers become a success.

We know you’ve featured Olivia Palermo on the cover of Haute Muse, are you planning to debut any local/regional stars on the cover in the future?
Yes, we are considering that but we want to reiterate that we are an international fashion magazine so we don’t want to limit ourselves to a certain region for covers. However, when appropriate we will definitely be featuring some regional personalities for the cover. I’d like to point out, though, that we do feature regional shops, designers, spas, personalities in the magazine.

How has the feedback been for HauteMuse so far?
We’ve had great feedback with the magazine, better than I had even dared hope for and our readers are particularly enthusiastic about the fact that a High Fashion magazine is being published out of the Middle East, or more specifically Qatar. Of course, Qataris are enthusiastic, but we have also had great response internationally.

Check out Sheikha Noor's Panorama Feature on Khaleejesque, you can also find her on Twitter @NoorzieRAlThani , or check out the Haute Muse Magazine Official Website.

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