Having trouble finding the perfect exercise program to help shed that weight off and tone those thighs?

Well I have the best answer for YOU! Why not enroll in a spinning class?

What is Spinning?
It is an aerobic exercise, which was first introduced in California by Jonny G, a world famous cyclist and his partner John Baudhuin in 1983. They created this program to help people train for cycle races and to lose weight; since you burn an incredible amount of calories in this class.

It’s a group exercise class, which is led by an instructor as you ride a special stationary exercise bike.  The instructor leads you through the session by helping you envision an outdoor cycling workout. Music is kept on to drive motivation and make spinning more enjoyable. The cycling pace changes from slow to fast which helps keep you in the game and not get bored.

What are the benefits of the class?
You will lose that extra weight since you BURN 500 CALROIES IN A 30-MINUTE CLASS (on average). You will increase your fitness and endurance. You will also strengthen your lower body. If you have problems with your thighs and stomach this will help solve them!

If you are interested in spinning after your read this article and want to join a class, here is a list of places that offer them in Kuwait:

-Pilates and More (women): 25710582
-Flex (women) : 66660048
-Crown Plaza (mixed) :+965 1848111
-Al Corniche Club (mixed) : 2563 6398

Source: Buzzle

-Haya A.S


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