Our Hot-Clicks segment this week is guest-curated by Nuqat. Nuqat, which is short for "Nuqat Ala Al Huroof" is an initiative that started off with one objective in mind and that is "to develop arab creativity on all levels" be it in design, advertising, architecture, fashion, production, and all the multi-creative fields." The first consortium occurred in May 2009 with a focus on arabic branding and copywriting. In the 2010 edition Nuqat focused on Visual Pollution, integrated into several graphic design and architecture disciplines together in the aim to move the bar one level up. Nuqat's mission is to elevate the level of creativity in the region by educating, connecting and executing.


1. Notcot.com : (INSPIRATION) When we need to be inspired and be up-to-date at the same time we run to NOTCOT. The website posts images of designs from different field be it graphic, interior, architecture or fashion. If it has art or design in it we'll find it there. It's like our creative refresh button!


2. Designboom.com(INFORMATION) This is more of an informative website which tells us about new design ideas and innovations around the world. It a leading independent publication from design, art, architecture and photography.By looking at these designs it challenges us to raise the bar as designers and reach that level of innovation.


3. The99percent.com: (PRODUCTIVITY) Part of the BEHANCE NETWORK initiative, this website is perfect for designers who need to "make ideas happen". Based on Thomas Edison's quote "Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration", the website provides articles and tips on how to be a productive creative. It's a tool that pushes us forward to finish our projects.


4. psfk.com: (LATEST EVENTS) This New York based website is the go-to for the latest events around the world in the creative field. Covering events from the United states to the Middle East, we love following psfk even if we can't attend, the coverage is enough.


5. thedieline.com: (PACKAGING) A lovely image based website that posts well-designed packages from around the world from student work to big design firms. A nice way to have an overview of the branding and packaging trends,all in one website.


For more information on Nuqat, visit their website.

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