We asked our readers to send us pictures of what they wore to work. It's always inspiring and fun to see what others wear to their offices. Whether it's a corporate office, or a laid-back media company, there are so many ways to style your outfit to suit your personality.

Your office dress code doesn't have to limit your fashion sense. These stylish people show us how!

Rama, 24, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership Development, University

"I like to incorporate the "smart casual look" within our office. I work at a university, and at a department where I deal primarily with students. I do not want to be too professional, because that might intimidate the students, and I do not want to be too casual, because I might actually be mistaken for a student."

Heba, 25, Administrative Transaction Coordinator, Ministry

"I like wearing something casual and comfortable for work; comfortable for sitting on a desk for 5 hours."

Bashayer, 23, Administrative Assistant, Media Company

"I don't have a specific style. I like wearing pants more than skirts though. I wear what suits my body type and what makes me comfortable. I always wear heels, and to me that's the most important thing!"

Abdullah, 25, Marketing & Product Development, Bank

"I like to be different; I feel that I bring a fresh breeze in my workplace in the form of my wardrobe. "

Bee, Mid-20's, PR & Marketing Coordinator

"My working environment is very casual chic. One day it's a crazy day loaded with clients, meetings, interviews and endless paperwork, while other days may pass really slowly and smoothly. I don't have a specific style to constraint myself with, just depends on the mood and preparing the outfit the night before. Anyways, I love blazers a lot it sure can channel being casual and formal at once. That's why I went for this bright pink blazer, funky t-shirt which I got plenty of compliments on, boyfriend jeans & leopard peep-toe booties!"

Xiena, 23, International Relations/Translator, Ministry

"Not that it's considered a 'dress code' but in all common ministry manner, you won't exactly see anything other than the Abaya and Dishdasha. I'm a rocker at heart, and anything I wear has to have that 'edge' to it. Normally, I'd wear this THE KILLERS shirt with black and brown tie-dye leggings and a big gray hooded cardigan and some kickass combat boots. To level up the same edge, I kept the shirt and wore it under a cream/white blazer – this pulls the look together but still keeps my personality intact. Some ballet flats for a pop of color and I am good to go."


Thank you everyone for participating! All our participants will recieve a 10% discount voucher courtesy of Goji Boutique! Check your emails for the vouchers!

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