One of our favorite regional Green initiatives,  the Green Target Company in Kuwait is an company with a cause. Environmentally inclined, and managed by a dedicated group of Kuwaity Youth, G.T.C does a lot of work for the environment. Apart from planning to launch their own line of eco-friendly products  (fashionable bags, stationery, and solar products), G.T.C provides a waste collecting service and takes every opportunity to participate in activities that save the environment.

If you've got paper, aluminum, or plastic waste you want to recycle, the G.T.C can organize a pick up directly from you and send it to be recycled. To sign up for that service, call their services hotline (+965) 94444928 .

G.T.C. honestly believes that youth must be encouraged to work not only for personal benefits, but for social responsibilities and that's why they created the "GTC Girls Club" which is a sister company and an educational club that embraces the importance of keeping the earth green through very fun, and entertaining techniques. We highly encourage parents to sign their daughters up for this club, for more details call their hotline : 99984640 or e-mail :

For more information: Check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

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