Loulwa AlRadwan

  • Artist bio

Loulwa Alradwan is a Kuwaiti designer renowned for her innovative fusion of art and interior design. With a foundation in art studies followed by specialized training in interior design, Alradwan's early fascination with Milan's design aesthetics profoundly shaped her creative direction. In 2006, she founded her own design firm, leveraging her unique vision to create bespoke interior solutions for a discerning clientele. Alradwan gained further recognition in 2012 with the launch of Interia Kw, one of Kuwait's pioneering blogs dedicated exclusively to art and design. Her signature "Peacock Collection," launched in 2016, showcases her ability to blend artistic inspiration with functional elegance, earning her accolades within the design community. Alradwan's work is characterized by a deep respect for cultural heritage infused with a contemporary sensibility, making her creations not only pieces of furniture but also works of art that resonate with a global audience.

  • Artist statement

In my work I strive to capture the beauty and enchantment of the moon's cycle. The Lunar Mirror, a creation inspired by the dance of our lunar companion, embodies my fascination with how it shapes our lives and the natural world. This piece goes beyond being a mirror; it mirrors the serene and transformative presence of the moon in our everyday lives. I decided to depart from mirror designs by incorporating layers of colors that mimic the depth of the night sky and even evoke the rarity of a 'blue moon.' This piece is interactive allowing viewers to change its appearance based on their mood like how the moon's phases are ever changing. My goal for the Lunar Mirror is not only for it to be functional but to serve as a catalyst for contemplation and connection bridging personal spaces, with cosmic realms.

  • Artwork/Product Description

Throughout the centuries we looked to the moon observing its phases, its soft birth, its glories bloom and it's quiet thinning. The stages in the lunar calendar and the changes they carry with them are thought to affect the human mind, emotions and even behaviour.  It is more than a calendar and more than a vision lighting up our darkness, it is a mirror, it is our reflection. 

The "lunar tale" is an installation where mirrors and gold plated aluminum are interlaced and locked into unique pattern, depicts these phases of the moon in a formidable work of art.