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'Feeding Five Hundred' is a short film by Emirati director Rafed Al Harthi and is the first ever Emirati film to be selected to take part in the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in the UK. The festival is a stepping stone to filmmakers to compete for the film industry's biggest awards such as the Oscars, BAFTA's, and The European Film Awards and that is a huge step for Arab filmmaking.

Produced by twofour54, this documentary is about a man who dedicates his life and his money to feeding 500 cats every day and has done this for the past 15 years! Spending almost all of his money each month on food for stray cats, this man is definitely a unique individual who says "it's a destiny" and "it's God decision to go there and do it."

He claims he is not a crazy man and even though some people may have something to say about that, you must admit that it would take a long time to find someone as interesting as him. Young director Rafed Al Harthi is excited about the film and hopes to develop his career further with this documentary film. “It’s very exciting that ‘Feeding Five Hundred’ has been selected and I’m really looking forward to flying to the UK for the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival where I hope to connect with other filmmakers and film industry professionals to explore other projects to further develop my career… I’m passionate about filmmaking and this could lead to anything!”

The screening of 'Feeding Five Hundred' will be at the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, 5:30 PM in Watershed, Bristol, UK.

You can watch the trailer of 'Feeding Five Hundred' below:

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