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You hardly see a husband-wife partnership in the world of entrepreneurship but with Rahul and Rachna Malkani, that all ends. Rachna Malkani was always fascinated with media and business and along side her husband, they created a totally new concept in the world of fashion in the Middle East, UAE to be exact. Fashion, the Middle East and an usual choice of material makes this brand one to watch out for. Leaving her career in business to pursue something that turned out to be an exclusive brand in her own country and the Middle East.

Ever thought of camel leather as a fashion statement? Native luxury bags is an exclusive brand of leather bags based in Dubai. With the owners of the brand working in leather products for the past 10 years, they recently decided to create their own brand that is called Native. What is special about the bags is that they are made mainly from camel leather, in addition to their signature camel leather you'll find python, ostrich and crocodile.

For more information, visit www.nativedubai.com

– Fajer Al Farsi

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