High school stereotypes have been, and will always be, a topic of discussion. While you may have known a rebel or comedian in school, wouldn't it be interesting to see how these stereotypes are replicated as school chairs?

The long awaited exhibition Class of Chairs was finally unveiled Wednesday, July 24 at Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait. The creative collaboration between artists Aseel Al Yaqoub, Jassim Al Saddah and Yousef Al Mehdari resulted in the creation of a typical classroom chair set up with a drastic twist.

The goal of their work was to individually design each and every chair to symbolize a specific high school character. Each persona was carefully depicted through intricate designs and materials that made each chair excitingly interactive. Though this exposition took place in Kuwait, it was definitely relatable to anyone as it successfully brings to life the most common high school hierarchy and social groupings.

The Schizo

As one roamed the chairs it was almost impossible not to reminisce on past classmates and attribute them to a certain chair. The most exciting part was of course deciding which chair represents you! The event itself was like one big reunion as everyone discussed their past high school experiences. The Class of Chairs was an enjoyable nostalgic journey that was only possible because of a whole year of hard work and detailed research between the three architects.

The mesh of the three different designers resulted in a distinct exhibition that highlights each of their strengths. Interior and spatial designer Aseel uses contemporary art as a way to explore diverse conceptions that aim to reconstruct a lost chain of communication in hopes of bridging social gaps. The architect and digital artist, Jassim Al Saddah, focuses on Kuwaiti culture through folklore patterns, geometry, and materials. While architect Yousef Al Mehdari specializes in product/industrial design and high–tech fabrication.

Class of Chairs aims to be a traveling exhibition, so it might be coming to your city soon!

– Nauf Al-Saif

The Religious Fanatic

The Attention-Seeker

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