Alessandro Del Piero with Al Roudan
Alessandro Del Piero with Khalid Al Roudan (Image:

Football has always been a part of Kuwait's culture since the golden 70s and 80s. Children of all ages have grown up having a football and with all its positive influence and good upbringing, it's like having a best friend. Abdullah Mshari Al Roudan realized that and has helped the people of Kuwait play and enjoy the great game during the holy month of Ramadan with Al Roudan Football Tournament.

Since 1979, Al Roudan Football Tournament has been a favorite program for the people of Kuwait whether you're a fan of the world's most popular game or not. Consisting of gifted local as well as international footballers, the tournament is filled with excitement and passion and this year was no different when Al Roudan brought in one of the most celebrated footballing legends of the 21st century.

del piero 2
Del Piero and I

Italian and ex-Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero was the star guest of this year's tournament and what a reaction he received by the fans! The screaming, cheering, and drumming made it feel like we were in the heart of the Juventus stadium. I had the opportunity to watch Alessandro Del Piero receive a warm welcome from the fans and even see him in action! After the exciting football afternoon, we then had the chance to take a photo with the Italian legend at 360 Mall later that day and I didn't skip that chance.

All in all, Al Roudan Football Tournament gave football fans in Kuwait a day to remember and who knows who the star guest will be next year?

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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