The General Projects Department of Dubai Municipality has dedicated 60 hectares of sanctity to what will become a Holy Qur’an public theme park. This exceptional park is projected to be completed in 2014 as stated by Mohammed Noor Mashroum, director of the department.

The $7.5 million project will be located in Al-Khawaneej, Dubai. Designed with an Islamic perspective, this park aims to showcase the various wonders of the Quran through different arrangements: tunnel telling miracle stories of the Qur’an, outdoor theater, fountains, lake, walking and biking tracks, children’s play area, Umrah corner.

The park’s gardens will feature a special Islamic twist to them as 54 mentioned plants in the Holy Qur’an will be grown across the park. Among these plants are olives, garlic, lentil, barley, ginger, pumpkin, and many more.

It’s refreshing to see Dubai investing in building an educational and entertaining Islamic project. Their efforts to bring to life the miraculous religion of Islam definitely tackles a special and distinctive way of deepening ones faith through contemplation.

– Nouf Al Saif

Image: www.dm.gov.ae

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