Created by a team of designers in Kuwait with a mission to connect the regional creative industry, YourAOK is an online network for creative individuals and firms.

YourAOK provides designers and artists, whether individuals or firms, with a multimedia online platform in which they can showcase their designs and portfolios. More importantly, users can use the site to network with other people in the industry.

On the site, creative talents, firms, and suppliers can create digital portfolios, fill out their profile information, and upload visuals of their work.

An illustrator and graphic designer's profile at YourAOK

Targeting the Middle East and North Africa, the creators of YourAOK wanted to focus on the bright and vibrant artists and designers who often go unnoticed in the large popular international networking sites.

The network wants to empower regional creatives by providing them with the ultimate social networking experience – one that gets them seriously noticed by people more likely to employ their services.

Even though they're more established than freelance designers, firms are invited to join the network as well so they can scout young and eager designers to hire or commission. Individuals can also get inspired by the existing firms and have a mentor to look up to, stimulating them to create more advanced portfolios and pieces of work.

Product suppliers are also encouraged to join YourAOK to showcase the different items that designers can showcase their work on, whether it's packaging supplies or items of clothing.

The site has already gained a considerable amount of users since its launch in May. You can browse a number of profiles and portfolios including those of artists, graphic designers, photographers, and more.

To create a digital portfolio or to browse the site visit

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