Federico Uribe's way of creating art is truly unique. No canvas, no paint-brushes, no ink or any other liquid for that matter. Uribe's collection of artworks is one different from any other. Why? For one thing, he uses wires, cables and other used pieces like remote controls and A/V wires to creates eye-catching masterpieces.

Based in Miami, Florida but born in the beautiful Bogota, Colombia, Federico Uribe is a genius when it comes to creating modern and outstanding pieces of art. Uribe's art is all about colorful sculptures and 2D designs with details that are so unique, you can't help but spend a good amount of time appreciating his innovative work.

Having started his journey with paint and canvas just like most artists, Uribe was influenced by his Catholic ubringing, using it as an inspiration for his creative output. With time, he managed to find his own unique talent, and that is creating masterpieces using bits and pieces from daily gadgets.

Uribe's unusual yet interesting designs come in different colors and sizes, surely guaranteed to catch your attention. From afar, his artworks look like paintings, but upon a closer view, the viewer will realize that what looked like brushstrokes is actually none other than a piece of wire. And yet with each piece, Uribe draws a message and meaning..

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Images: www.thisiscolossal.com

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