Marylin Veiled

JAMM, an independent art advisory, will host an exhibition of photographer Bert Stern’s famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe, which will open on Monday 18th March 2013 at the newly established JAMM Art Gallery in Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.

The exhibition will feature 12 limited edition archival prints of Marilyn Monroe taken by legendary photographer Bert Stern. The prints are enhanced with gemstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals and gold and silver flakes, adding new depth to these iconic portraits.

In June 1962, Bert Stern took almost 2,600 photographs of the sultry Monroe for Vogue magazine. The shoot was taken over the course of three days at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles. The shoot later became known as "The Last Sitting," due to Monroe's tragic death a few weeks later.

In Stern's photographs, Marylin Monroe is portrayed as she never was before; playful, sultry and sensual, yes, but also human and fragile.

The exhibition is open to public viewing from 18th March-18th April 2013 at JAMM Art Gallery, Hasa Road, Street 8, Warehouse 11, Al-Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE. Tel: (+971) 4 3285169

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Marylin with a Nikon

Marylin Monroe in Chinchilla

Marylin Monroe Pink Pearls

Marylin Monroe Diamond Smile

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