Jeddah Barcodes, 2010 – Bassem Alsharqi (Arabia)

Too lazy to walk to your nearest art gallery or museum? You've got no excuses now that you can virtually walk around a museum at the comfort of your home. Basmoca, the contemporary art collection curated by Basma Al-Sulaiman from Saudi Arabia makes art accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Basmoca is a museum, which uses 3D technology for people to interact and witness the art in the most exhilarating manner. People from all over the world can come together and with revolutionary technology, they can explore this modern museum and discover what it has to offer. A collaboration of art and culture exemplifies what this museum is all about.

Basmoca, the virtual museum

Owner and founder Basma Al-Sulaiman, always respected her tradition and the desert and sea were two major aspects in her culture. Spoken poetry is a deep passion of Basma's at an early age and has she has also been a member of many charities around the world. She started collecting art during the 80s then went on collecting oriental-style art during the 90s which is greatly respected in Saudi Arabian culture.

"I was buying art all over the place, wherever I saw it,' she says. 'I started to look into exhibitions and museums, and the first contemporary show to blow my mind was Charles Saatchi's Sensation at the Royal Academy, London."

To take a virtual tour of the contemporary art museum, visit

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