If you ever spent £11 billion in 7 years, you would want to see a fine outcome. How about 32 spectacular venues throughout the nation's capital? A high-speed train? A brand new cable car? How about being in London and not being more than 30 minutes away from the Olympic Games? Yes, I think that's worth 11 billion.

This summer, London will be the first city in the world to host the Olympic Games three times, previously in 1908 & 1948. Hosting 805 different sporting events, supporting 10,500 Olympic athletes over 204 nations, the London Olympics will be the event of the year.

The 18th century Royal Artillery Barracks in Wollwich will host the shooting events. The Horse Guards Parade in Central London will be home to the beach volleyball competition. Near it, The Mall, which runs from Admiralty Arch to Buckingham Palace, will be the ground on where cyclists and marathon racers participate. The fantastic Wembley Stadium will be the home of 504 footballers who will compete for two sets of gold medals (men & women).  However, all attention will be towards the £6.8 billion Olympic Park, which will host nine major magnificent sporting events.

The summer London Olympics is the event of the year and if you're in London at the time, remember, only 30 minutes separates you from the greatest spectacle of the summer.

Check out this map that features the different venues being used. Quite impressive!

Olympic Venues in London map by LondonTown.com

– Adnan Al-Timimi

Image: www.london2012.com

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