Gaming industries today are no longer bringing us the games that we need. Sure there are some good (even great) games at the stores, but not everyone has the same taste. And with the growth of the Internet, and with thousands of personalized services abound, many gamers have been slowly distancing themselves away from the television and using the computer (or their smartphones) more often, in the search for something different.

Many gamers have the ability to program their own games, and create their own world, but funding these games, not to mention producing them is one of the hardest tasks possible. An independent programmer, or game designer, needs backers and investors to create a decent game.

That's not the case anymore. Now, there is a way to program a game and play it on your very own console. Introducing: OUYA.

OUYA is a gaming console, powered by Android, which is basically a platform for independent developers. It allows you to create and produce your own games and still play them on your TV. The console includes a controller and interface. You can play other people's games, as well as your own. The whole OUYA community can see your game, and possibly nudge your game into international stardom. Most of the games on it will be free. Those that are not, will be available to try as a demo.

OUYA is currently raising money for its production on Kickstarter. The founders asked investors and backers for a start-up cost of $950,000. But what did they get instead? $4,880,000 and counting!!

The project raised its startup cost in just eight hours and twenty two minutes! It is the eighth project in the history of Kickstarter to raise more than 1 million US dollars, and the fastest project to ever to do so.

There are 22 days to go to pledge money for OUYA (not like they need it at the moment!). Help kick start this amazing idea. In return, OUYA will give you some benefits depending on the amount of money you donate.

Finally, the dream of every programmer has come true; to be able to play a game they designed on a console that is actually not half bad.

To learn more about OUYA, visit their Kickstarter Page.

Check out the preview video below:

– Bader Al Yaseen, Adnan Al Timimi

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