With summer just beginning and most TV shows airing their season finales over the past month, I’m sure that most of you – like myself – have a lot of free time to burn by watching TV and numbing your mind in the process. But don’t fret, this summer you won’t have to compensate by watching a new episode of half developed new summer TV shows that networks end up eventually canceling.

Here are top 5 TV shows that have been around for the past year and never got their needed appreciation.

White Collar

If  “Catch Me If you Can” was a TV show this would be it! A con artist escapes from prison only to be caught and given a deal by the FBI to assist them in solving cases instead of carrying on his sentence. The show stars the devilishly handsome Matt Bomer as con artist Neal Caffery and Tim Dekay as his FBI partner. The show is fresh and always exciting with a complicated plot that will keep you on your toes. There are already 3 seasons of the show for you to catch up on.

Happy Endings

Think FRIENDS but with an African American (and a gay) character.  The show starts off with best friends at the altar whose marriage is objected to by a man… on rollerblades. The show picks up after the disaster and depicts the life of the group in the aftermath. The show is light and funny with an array of colorful, quirky, and lovable characters. There are two full seasons already out for your enjoyment.


A fun lawyer drama like no other!  A brilliant pothead with a photographic memory finds himself working for one of the best law firms in New York after a drug deal gone wrong. The show completely revolutionizes the law genre but is never free of clever quips and plot twists. Patrick J. Adams plays Mike Ross as he tries to con his way through the law world, and Gabriel Macht plays his arrogant mentor Harvey Spector. The selling point of the show is definitely the dynamic between the two main characters.


A teenage girl moves from New York to the suburbs after her single father decides that the city is not a good place to raise her. The 20 minute episode show is light and fun as the viewer watches Tessa navigate her way through the lawns and plastic housewives in the suburbs.


Not exactly underrated, but definitely worth checking out. The show depicts the inner workings of theatre and what it takes to get a musical on Broadway, from casting to musical numbers to dress rehearsals. The show also depicts the struggles between actors in getting lead roles. Smash starts with American Idol Runner up Katherine McPhee as she tries to fight her way to play the lead. The show can get ridiculous at times and there is an excessive use of auto tune but it's entertaining overall.

Honorable mentions: Community, Castle, Revenge, Chuck, Psych.

– Haya Al-Farhan

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