Nour Kelani always knew she was going to be involved in fashion some way or the other. With a high spiritied, and quirky yet every so stylish "Nouri Creations" brand under her belt, Nour Kelani's creations are being snapped up by fun-loving stylish fashionistas across the region; and will be available at Riyadh Fashion Days. Khaleejesque had a quick yet jolly chat with Nour about her fashion brand, style and everything in between.

Can fashion be attained? or is it something a person is born with?
Fashion can be studied, attained and be born with; but never Style, you’re just born with it!

What inspires you?
I am inspired by almost everything, from my trips around the world, walking down the street to the cigars my father smokes.

Who do you design for?
Someone fashionable, a little bit edgy, someone who knows how to wear statement pieces.

How has the feedback been towards your fashion brand?
It was great hamdillah! lots of blogs and magazines posted my collection and I built a great list of clients.

What are some hurdles/difficulties you have gone through in your fashion career?
The whole journey of creating a collection from the moodboard to finishing the pieces is a bit tough and overwhelming; but when the final results are exactly the way I imagined, it makes me forget all the difficulties I went through.

Do you have any international orders/people interested from outside the GCC?
Yes, I sent orders to London and New York

Advice you have for other fashion designers wanting to break out into the business?
If you feel it, then go for it! Trust your guts.

Nouri Creations will soon be stocked in Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait. For more information, visit her Facebook page, in the mean time check out this Nouri Creations Wonderland teaser below.

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