Ever heard of the quote: "If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you"?

Mohammad Nori Al Refaei is a Kuwaiti student at Tampa University in Florida, USA, but I'd rather introduce him as the “Skydiving Guy.” His enthusiasm for the sport is obvious! While discussing his passion in a recent meeting, I was amazed by the amount of details and emotions behind every jump that he described. Some people think of life in terms of money, or family; Mohammad thinks of his life in terms of jumps.

Skydiver Mohammad Al-Refaie

Al-Refaie made his first jump in Skydive City (Florida, USA) on Valentine's Day 2010, inspired by a TV documentary about the amazing and multi talented Italian Skydiver Roberta Mancino.

For some, metaphorically flipping off gravity for the first time would be horrifying, but Mohammad recalls his first jump with a big smile. He remembers thinking to himself, “Oh that’s cool; I just wish I could do that every weekend”. He then decided to get his license in skydiving as soon as possible, a process that usually takes 2 to 3 months, but didn’t take long for him to get.

Skydivers joke that once you get your license, you quickly lose touch with your non-skydiving friends. As Mohammad puts it, "Jumping out of planes with strangers creates an unusual bond. All people who live, die. But, not all people who die have lived. Only skydivers know why the birds sing."

To celebrate Kuwait's 51st National Day anniversary and its 21st Liberation Day anniversary, Al-Refaei shares with us his incredible 14,000 ft jump holding the Kuwaiti flag.

Enjoy it and most of all, BE INSPIRED!

For more information about Mohammad Al-Refaei visit  www.skydiveq8.com or follow him on Twitter @refaei

– Samah Oueslati

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