The White Shirt Spread in Bazaar Magazine

White shirts come in all kinds of shapes, styles and are a classic fashion staple in everyones closet. Popular Kuwaiti editors and bloggers accepted Goji Boutique's challenge of a styling one of their many white shirts. The Khaleejesque ladies, Alya and Fouz, had to pick a white shirt of their choice and style an outfit using pieces from Goji Boutique. Also, the ever so stylish ladies from Confashions from Kuwait, Tidbit du Jour, Ansam 518, and MeBlogging represented their own fashion sense through their outfit and it's very interesting to see how each one is completely different than the next. All the items used can be found on Goji Boutique's website and be sure to check out the fashion spread in Bazaar Magazine to find out the inspiration behind each outfit.

Fouz's outfit
Alya's outfit
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