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I’m assuming that like me, you have little knowledge of what drifting is. Well, drifting is a newly recognized motor sport that refers to a new technique in driving in which the driver would intentionally cause the car to lose traction of its rear wheels by oversteering. However, this is all done while still maintaining control of the vehicle. That is why drifting  is only recommended to be performed by professionals.

In the past couple of years, Formula D drivers have professionally exposed drifting in the Arabian Gulf region thus garnering a lot of attention from local drifters. Gulf Locals have adopted this new motor-sport, and established "Slide 'N Glide" a local drifting community based in Bahrain. The first of its kind in the Gulf, Slide 'N Glide promotes drifting in a safe and sensible manner.

Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi and Abdulaziz Al-Zamel, the Kuwaiti masterminds behind this exciting new project, decided to start a regional drift community in order to transform drifting into a professional motor sport and improving the skills of local drivers. Aside from that, they are big believers in social responsibility and intend to give back to society by donating 25% of their revenue to the Steps Rehabilitation Center in Bahrain.

What inspired the dynamic duo to start the project is their love and passion for drifting. What further drove them to open up a place where all drifters unite is the fact that without an official place to practice the sport, the drivers are often found practicing it illegally in random areas. Because of that, they decided to set up a professional and secure environment for drivers to finally practice this sport safely.

Slide 'N Glide

It was merely a year ago when both men were playing around with the idea until it recently came to life. At first, the team wanted to hold their first launch event in Kuwait, however with difficulties in finding proper locations and getting approvals, they decided to move it elsewhere. After continuous planning and organizing, they agreed that Bahrain was the perfect spot to launch Slide ‘N Glide. Since Abdulaziz Al- Zamel currently resides in Bahrain, it made sense to move it there. Thankfully, with the help and availability of the Bahrain International Circuit, they were able to successfully go through with the implementation of project. The first Slide ‘N Glide drift event will be held on the 22nd of October 2011.

The project looks very promising, and with those two energetic and dedicated organizers, it comes as no surprise that they already have future plans in store. After their first event, they plan to hold multiple events from October to April. They’ll also organize events in other countries in the region. As if that’s not enough, they’re starting a regional drifting clinic that will further flourish into the first drift school in the region.

Are you a drifter? Then go share your talents, tricks, and show off your moves at their upcoming event. Do you want to be a drifter? You can always learn, as Slide ‘N Glide is the perfect place to start.

On your mark, get set, drift!

Slide 'N Glide

For more information, you can visit their website

– Hadaya Al-Othman

Images courtesy of Slide 'N Glide

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